Coachella: Somebody Threw A Lemon At Ariana Grande Because Of Beyonce For This Shocking Reason

Singer Ariana Grande understandably lost her cool during her Coachella 2019 performance last night after an audience member threw a lemon at her.

And her fans are convinced it was a Beyonce supporter after claims that Ari got paid more than Queen Bey to headline. Ari, 25, closed Coachella 2019 on Easter Sunday with an epic set that saw her bring Justin Bieber out on-stage as a surprise guest.

However earlier on in the evening, Ariana was stunned after a festival-goer threw a lemon at her from the audience. The popstar stopped her performance and said: ‘That’s cause one of y’all threw a lemon at me, s***.’ She then ran off stage amid an awkward silence.

While most of Ari’s fans are furious with the attack, others were circulating the theory that a Beyonce fan threw the lemon in honour of the singer’s 2016 album title Lemonade. It comes after reports that Ariana got paid $8 million (£6 million) – double what Beyonce is said to have been received for headlining in 2018. However, it was later reported that Beyonce did get paid $4 million (£3 million) but for performing both weekends, so she also took home a total of $8 million.

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