Classmates Of A Young Boy Suffering From Alopecia Did This To Show How Much They Love Him

AN 8-year old has found how just how much he means to his classmates. Luke Nelson who is suffering from alopecia began to lose his hair due to disease in 2018, so his parents decided to shave it all off. This greatly affected Luke but he was in for a surprise when his classmates showed him just how much they support his fight. Sharon Nelson, Luke’s mom who spoke with PEOPLE said;“For a little 8-year-old boy to lose his hair, of course, it was hard and it was very difficult. Once he lost all of his hair he immediately put a hat on and he kind of hid behind his hat,” Luke’s mother Susan Nelson told PEOPLE. “When we realized we needed to shave his head because he had lost all of his hair, his little brother Sam said, ‘Well, if Luke’s not gonna have hair, I’m not gonna have hair either. He immediately shaved his head. Then my husband shaved his head. So we made it a family affair.” The young boy’s classmates at Oklahoma Christian School in Edmond also shaved off their hairs to show support.  “They really asked the questions like what could we do to really help Luke and make him happy. Once [Luke] found out that all of his buddies wanted to surround him like a band of brothers and shave their heads as well he just embraced it.” The kids and their parents gathered at a barber’s shop on January 19th to have a “a really fun hair-shaving celebration”. “There was belly laughter, and kids were giving each other high fives. As soon as the haircuts started Luke ripped off his hat and he has walked around with this confidence and this swagger,” Susan said. “It’s made him really proud. If anything, he’s that he’s been given this gift and he can look at it as a gift or he can look at it as an obstacle. He’s chosen to look at it as a gift and to overcome it and, hair, if he has it or not, that’s not going to define who this kid is. He is a strong kid,” she continued. Luke spoke about this sweet act saying;“It made me feel very good. I feel more confident. I can just be myself. I think it’s important to share my story to help all those other kids that feel different.” Photo Credit: Getty


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