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Christians Should NOT Watch BBNaija – Pastor Seye Benjamin Agbo

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Nigerian clergy Seye Benjamin Agbo has come against the culture of Christians watching the social reality star Big Brother Naija, popularly known as BBNaija, condemning the ‘it is not affecting me’ statement that many make.

Seye Benjamin Agbo said this in a series of post she put out on Instagram, noting that ministers must never compromise the truth as they are not called to tickle men’s fancies but are custodians of God’s mysteries to explain His truth in a way men will understand.Christians Should NOT Watch BBNaija - Pastor Seye Benjamin Agbo
Christians Should NOT Watch BBNaija - Pastor Seye Benjamin Agbo“Is nor affecting me, is nor affecting me…yen yen yen 💁💁 Lot was a godly man, yet he was living in Sodom and Gomorrah where homosexuality was the order of the day. Peter described the influence of what he saw and heard daily on his heart. 2Peter 2:7-8: and delivered righteous Lot who was oppressed with the filthy conduct of the wicked. FOR THAT RIGHTEOUS MAN DWELLING AMONG THEM TORMENTED HIS RIGHTEOUS SOUL FROM DAY TO DAY BY SEEING AND HEARING THEIR LAWLESS DEEDS”, she wrote.
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“Even though Lot was not a part of sodomy, his soul was constantly tortured by what he saw. Your eyes and your ears are gateways to your heart. It’s the reason God says to Give attention to the word. ‘My son, give attention to my words’ INCLINE YOUR EAR TO MY sayings DO NOT LET THEM DEPART FROM YOUR EYES Keep them in the midst of YOUR HEART…. KEEP YOUR HEART WITH ALL DILIGENCE for out of it spring the issues of life”, she said.Christians Should NOT Watch BBNaija - Pastor Seye Benjamin Agbo“(Proverbs 4:20-23) Whatever has your eyes and your ears already captured your heart. You cannot keep your heart if you are not selective with what you see and hear often. Makesure you are filled with the Word and not the junks in the world. Being a friend of God will automatically make you an enemy of the world. I am not saying you should hate people,  but your love for God will make lawlessness less appealing to you. You struggle to be consistent in your walk with God? But you find it easier to watch BBNaija.”
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“The question is 1. Does it edify your spirit? 2. Does God speak to you through that medium? 3. Does it promote righteous living? 4. Does it lead you to Jesus? I guessed right! NO! Spiritual things are cultivated with much discipline. Meditation of God’s word requires discipline Most times you won’t feel like praying but you need to put feelings aside and pray. Studying God’s Word requires discipline, there is no impartation that will bring discipline. Let Christ be your focus. And distractions in the natural realm will become less appealing”, she added.

Christians Should NOT Watch BBNaija - Pastor Seye Benjamin Agbo Christians Should NOT Watch BBNaija - Pastor Seye Benjamin Agbo TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Baba Ijesha’s Hearing Postponed To September Photos Credit: Instagram

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