Thursday, October 28, 2021

Chimamanda Adichie Discusses Her Battle Against Depression And Much More In New African Woman Magazine

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The loudest voice in the global feminist gang and renowned Nigerian author Chimamnda Adichie is the new cover star for the April/May edition of New African Woman magazine. Sporting an off-shoulder red dress and sitting in what appeared to be an empty theatre hall, the literary genius was quizzed on on a range of issues ranging from sexualization of women, to the American politics to her battles with mental health. Read excerpts below.On Christianity and feminism: ““Lately, I have been thinking about how Christianity works and is such a force on the continent of Africa. I actually believe that it’s possible to forge a feminist platform around Christianity…My point being people who are feminists and see religion as part of the problem, which I think is also true, but I also think that within religion, we can in fact create a platform that is feminist”On why she supports Hillary Clinton even though her policies didn’t favour Africa when she was USA top diplomat : “You are talking about her intervention in Libya for example. I don’t expect American policy to think of Africa’s wellbeing as a primary thing. Let’s be realistic, America’s policy will be about America and protecting America. Personally, I thought that the whole Libya thing was a complete disaster and was ill-conceived…but I don’t take it as a personal failing of Hillary Clinton. If anything, I think of it as a failure of American foreign policy.”Photo Credit: NAW Magazine

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