Check Out The Viral Story Of Ghanaian Woman Born With Two Vaginas And Two Wombs

The story of a woman born with two vaginas and two wombs have been making rounds on the internet. This was after the UK- based woman, Elizabeth Amoah granted an interview on 3FM’s Drive with Giovani Caleb where she revealed that she has been living with the conditions for years. Elizabeth who was referred to as the Special Lady shared that she had to undergo seven medical surgeries after she was diagnosed with having sexual complications. She said: “I discovered I had a double womb and a double vagina canal in 2015 after an MRI scan, so I had to undergo about 7 surgeries.” She also shared that the scan she took also detected that she had Endometriosis: a sexual disorder in which tissues linings of the uterus grows outside the uterus. Revealing what it means to have a double vagina, she explained that “having one vagina outside and the other inside”. She also added that the double womb usually does not come with any symptoms but rather exposes one to health challenges such as irregular periods, fibroids, irregular fainting and in some instances cause infertility. She said: “I had a premature baby after four years of not conceiving, and going through such health situations wasn’t easy.” She also added that the condition is not a common one stating that “research says it can be found in one out of 350 women and the person might not even know she has it.” Photo Credit: Getty


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