Tagbo’s Autopsy Report Is Revealed….See What Led To His Death

The much-awaited autopsy report on Tagbo to determine what exactly lead to his death has dropped. The results from the autopsy conducted showed that his death was caused by an excessive intake of alcohol and drug overdose. The test result stated that Tagbo had 75.5 percent of Barcardi 151 in his system, which took his blood-alcohol concentration beyond the 0.08 limit.The drug found in his system, topiramate, is a medication for epilepsy and/or migraines.
According to a statement by the coroner’s office, “Alcohol and topiramate are synergistic. When combined, the effect of either or both drugs is enhanced.
“Topiramate, like alcohol, can cause dizziness, impaired memory, impaired concentration, poor coordination, confusion and impaired judgment.
“Central nervous system depression, or impairment, combined with cold exposure can hasten the onset of hypothermia and death.”
Now that the actual cause of Davido’s deceased friend Tagbo has been revealed, let’s watch and see what happens next. Photo Credit: Getty


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