Check Out The Viral Photos Of Kanye’s New Yeezy Pointy Elf Shoes That Has Got Everyone Caught Up In Their Feelings

Kanye West is the king of unconformity and unconventional, but the rap king may have taken it too far with his latest fashion items. Kanye stepped out in all things Yeezy last week and many tongues are wagging over his fashion style. He was spotted over the weekend rocking a Yeezy gear, including a prune-colored oversized T-shirt, a long-sleeve shirt in faded indigo blue and trousers the shade of sun-bleached violets. However, everyone thought Kanye was just being Kanye until their attentions were drawn to his elf boots. His YEEZY elf booties designed has been seen as provocative by many including 50 cents who took to his social media page to call Kanye out over his style. See the photos of his unusual style below… Photo Credit: Getty


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