Cheating Is Expensive – Ghanaian Businessman Sends Important Reminder

Cheating Is Expensive
While cheating, promiscuousness, side-chickery and many other trends are ongoing even at a higher speed, Ghanaian entrepreneur Richie Richie has come in peace to remind people in relationships that it is more expensive to cheat.
Many people are of the opinion that cheating on one’s partner is extra cost as one will be spending on the two at the same time, and the money that should be used for something more tangible is digressed to the side piece.
Taking to his Instagram story to send a reminder, Riche Richie seemed to have passed through that stage, and knows better. “Cheating is expensive. If you know you know”, he wrote.
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Many Instagram users agree with his point of view, while some others are of the opinion that being in relationships is even more expensive. “Relationships these days are more expensive if you know you know 😂”, an IG user wrote. “Before you collect hotel. Before you give thanks for coming money 🤦🏿‍♂️ Na to join SMAN 😂“, another added.

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