Celebrity Love: Hot Felon, Jeremy Meeks Is Expecting A Baby With His Girlfriend Chloe Green

The sweet romance between Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks and his big-money lover, Chloe Green is on the edge of becoming a family-size big deal as his billionaire girlfriend is currently carrying a baby for him.
According to Us Weekly, Jeremy Meeks and his longtime girlfriend, Chloe Green are expecting a baby. The new child will definitely solidify the deep love between his parents, as his father is still Hollywood’s hot felon, while the mother is the daughter of British billionaire, Sir Philip Green.
With the look of things, the loved-up summer Meeks enjoyed with Green after he divorced his former wife had a ton more of action than we were told, as a simple calculation of the pregnancy length will easily trace to that special romantic vacation.
Photo Credit: Getty


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