Celebrate Christmas With Vigilance And Great Caution – Archbishop Kaigama

The Archbishop of the Catholic church Abuja, Ignatius Kaigama has advised Nigerians to celebrate Christmas with vigilance and great caution.


On Sunday, during the fourth service, the Archbishop made this known, saying that the level of insecurity in Nigeria is worsening rather than improving and so people should thread carefully, especially those that will be traveling during the Christmas season.

The Cleric confirmed that two Catholic priests, Rev. Fr. Matthew Dajo of Abuja Archdiocese, who was kidnapped from his residence, and Rev. Fr. Valentine Ezeagu, who was abducted on his way to his father’s funeral in Imo State, had been freed by their captors.

Kaigama said, “Dear friends, travelling during this holy and festive period should be done with maximum vigilance and great caution. Apart from the bad roads and the actions of reckless drivers, criminals heighten their diabolical activities to make life unbearable for people.

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“Also, COVID-19 is still like the roaring lion looking for people to devour. Let us take appropriate measures to curb its spread. The situation of escalating insecurity is very perplexing. While we continue believing in our nation and continue our fervent prayers, we task our government to show more closeness to the people and a keen sensitivity to security issues.”

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