CDQ Calls Out Seyi Tinubu For Disrespecting Him

Nigerian indigenous rapper CDQ has called out Lagos Statesman Bola Tinubu’s son for disrespecting him at David’s House the previous night.
Taking to his social media pages, CDQ noted that he would drag the father of two in an article he would compose about what he did to him.CDQ Calls Out Seyi Tinubu For Disrespecting Him
Not stating the exact thing that transpired between them, the rapper kept hammering that he will never take disrespect from anyone, as though he was not born with a silver spoon like Seyi, he is a fighter that grew from the slum.
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“Seyi Tinubu I’m bouta compose an article for you about what you did to me last night @ David’s house. I might not be born with silver spoon like you but bruh I’m a fighter and a strong hustler that germinated from the slum to where I am today. I won’t take disrespect from anyone”, he began.Photos Credit: Twitter

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