Friday, December 3, 2021

Caught!!! Jeff Bezos Seen Gazing Into New Girlfriend’s Eyes Three Months Before Announcing Divorce

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News of the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos’s expensive divorce shook the internet some months ago and now new photos of him and his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez enjoying a romantic dinner in Los Angeles has taken the net by the storm. What earlier was just two adorable couple loving up has now been discovered to have been taken on the 30th of October 2018, three months before he announced his divorce! According to an unidentified source, it was revealed that the couple was snapped while dining with a male and female companion at the Capo Restaurant in Santa Monica. The source who told National Enquirer said that: ‘They seemed to be in their own world. Bezos and Sanchez barely spoke to their two companions all night.’ The source added that Bezos was close to Sanchez ‘from the beginning, laughing and joking and whispering to her. ‘She was gazing into his eyes throughout the first part of the evening as they sat next to each other. The source continued by sharing that: ‘It did not look like a business dinner, and he barely spoke to the male companion all evening.’ The pair spent the night gazing into each other’s eyes and ‘tenderly touched each other’.  They were seen stroking and brushing each other’s shoulders and Sanchez even rested her hand on Bezos’ knee under the table, the source claimed. It was also added that when Sanchez swapped seats with the female companion, who had been sitting across from her, Bezos ‘moved his chair to be even closer to Lauren. He began whispering in her ear, and she was listening and gazing at him. Then she began whispering in his ear, fully leaning their bodies into each other, with his arm draped over her chair as he was speaking.” It was also revealed that the foursome left the restaurant at 10 pm, but the party clearly wasn’t over for Bezos and Sanchez as she was seen leaving Bezos’ Los Angeles mansion at 10 am the next morning. Recall that we had earlier reported the Amazon’s CEO’s expensive divorce that would be costing him half of his company’s fortune worth nearly $810 billion. Photo Credit: National Enquirer

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