Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Catholic Priesthood: Should Priest Be Allowed To Have Sex?

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With the rising allegations of sexual assaults and sexual molestations which has been leveled against priests and Catholic fathers, many have argued that it his high time priests and nuns be allowed to marry and be freed from their celibacy ban. Celibacy was imposed in the 11th century and many believe it was to prevent the children of the priest from inheriting church properties and others have come out to say it is because the priest can identify with Christ and have undivided attention towards the kingdom of God, like Pope Francis said, ‘celibacy is a gift to the church’.  It has been alleged that over 60,000 priests have given up their vocation must often to get married, despite it being their fundamental human right to find love and have sex, many have argued that why did they take up the mantle if they knew they couldn’t resist. But do you think the price of celibacy is too much? they are human beings and they have needs.   Photo Credit: Getty

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