Cardi B Drags Female Rapper Delsa West Who Claimed She Stole Her Lyrics

Cardi B had come out to slam a female rapper Dela Wesst who accused her of stealing her lyrics for a song she got featured on. Dela Wesst had accused Cardi of stealing lyrics from her freestyle for Blue Face’s ‘Thotiana” after her video went viral on social media.

Dela claimed that Cardi is not an original rapper and has over the years stolen a lot of things to build her brand to where it is today. She told Cardi’s fans to stop comparing her to Nicki Minaj as she doesn’t write her own lyrics or put anything together by herself. Cardi B has come out to react to the allegation, stated that she chose to respond because Dela crossed the line by attacking her fan page and attaching “sh*t” on a photo of her and her daughter.

The money rapper explained that she got her Lyrics in for the song in January and recorded right in front of the artiste. She further explained that she has always used the term Afro-latino and will be taking a break from social media and all the negative energy.
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