We Have No Objection; CAN Reacts To Death Sentence Of Kano Singer For Blasphemy

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has reacted to the death sentence passed on a Kano singer, Yahaya Aminu Sharif who was found guilty of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammed by a Shari’a Court.

Kano Singer accused of blasphemyKano state chairman of the association, Adeolu Samuel Adeyemo said the association does not have a different view on the matter, as whatever happens is according to the rules of Islam.

Speaking to The Guardian, he said, “For us in CAN, the judgment of the Shari’a court is according to Islamic law and so we don’t have objection to it because it is according to the position of Islam.

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So, our interference is not relevant. Now, if you want to know the position of Christianity about blasphemy, I will say there is what you can blaspheme about and what you cannot. And the Lord Jesus said blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a grievous sin that has no forgiveness. That is the position of Christianity.”CAN

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