Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Calling People Out On Social Media Is Stupid And Dumb – BBNaija’s Khloe

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BBNaija and Reality TV star Khloe, has taken to her Instagram page to condemn other celebrities who call out friends and other media colleagues on social media when then offend each other. Khloe

The cosmetic entrepreneur who said she wonders how people reconcile after opening their putting each other’s business in the public, Khloe went further to say she calling friends out online and initiating an online beef is outright stupid, dumb and a bad representation for a person who has a career or intends to pursue one.

This is coming months after Khloe publicly dragged her former classmates who bullied her.

Khloe further said she prefers confrontations rather than make a fool of her self online she round-up her post saying “women are scum.”  Khloe

In her words;

“I have never and will never initiate a social media “call out” especially with people I’ve been friends with before. It is stupid, dumb and a bad representation for anyone who has a career or intends to pursue one.
Constantly getting involved in social media fights is the lowest of lows especially when the other party doesn’t find you worthy to be dignified with a response. Stop already. You look and sound like a clown.
I appreciate confrontations and respect people who go that route. You got a problem with somebody you face them personally. But if you’re sure you have absolutely nothing to lose, all the best making a complete fool out of yourself on social media…
All for cheap validation from people who do not rate you.
I just wonder how some people turn friends again after calling each other out and opening themselves yansh.. women are scum.”

See the post below:

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