Cabbage Moin-Moin And Beetroot Smoothie Is A Must Eat This Weekend

Cabbage Moin-Moin And Beetroot Smoothie Is A Must Eat This Weekend
Weekends, for many, are the perfect time to treat themselves and other members of their families to some special and amazing dishes and for this weekend, we have something that will interest you and your body – Cabbage Moin-Moin and Beetroot Smoothie. You heard this before? I doubt you have.
Shout-out to those of us who work back to back even on weekends and do not have the ample time many others enjoy during the weekend. Nevertheless, any other day we are available can just be a good time to try out some new recipes and combos. By the way, I tried out the poundo potato from the scratch and it all went so well except that I mashed it with a turning stick and it was so lumpy. Aside that, I had the feel of the poundo and I was glad. Now back to the dish for today KOKOFoodies… Moin-moin (beans pudding) is a dish which originated from Western Nigeria,  not until other parts of the nation and then world found out its amazing taste and it has become one of the very popular foods.
Its main ingredients were  (yes were) black-eyed beans or honey beans, onions, fresh ground peppers and oil, until foodies explored various means of dynamism and the likes of the Cabbage moin-moin, Irish potatoes moin-moin came alive.Irish potatoes moin-moin
The Keto (low carb,) Cabbage Moin-moin is said to be a very good dish for weight loss as it is low in calories. Rich in Fibre and Vitamin C and lot more, it improves digestion, serves as a good antioxidant, helps prevents cancer, boosts immunity, promotes air growth, improves brain health and regulates blood pressure. A plate of Cabbage moin-moin is not just a bite of tasty
Recipe for cabbage Moin-Moin
 1 small or half a medium Cabbage
 ½ Onions
 ½ Bell Pepper
 1 Chilli (Optional)
 Spices, seasoning and salt
 Crayfish
 Palm oil
 Chicken fillet (optional)
 Raw eggs
 Boiled eggs (Optional)
 Smoked fish (Optional)
 Spring OnionsHow To Make
Wash, cut and rough-blend the cabbage in a blender. Squeeze out the water out very well and turn back into the blender. Throw in the raw egg, onions, crayfish, green pepper, green beans, scotch bonnet pepper and blend all together for a proper mix. (You may leave out the eggs).
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When done, pour the smoothly blended ingredients in a bowl, stir all together, add in the seasoning cubes, raw eggs, salt and chicken stock. Stir on and add the palm oil. Stir again to mix the ingredients well, then add in the sliced onions (optional), spring onions, pieced smoked fish and stir all together again. Your cabbage moin-moin is ready for boiling. At this point, fill your pot with water and place on fire.
Get your plate, nylon, foil or tin cans (robe a little oil in the plate or tin can) then scoop the mixed ingredients into the containers one after the other, adding in the sliced eggs and then set each down in the water on fire carefully. Let the ingredients cook for about 20-30 minutes or more – ensure they are all done as it can be tricky, especially with nylons.
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Poke your skewer, knife, toothpick, cake tester or any other tiny utensil in the middle of the moin-moin to see if it done. If it comes out with a paste, it is not yet ready. If not, then your Cabbage moi-moi is ready to be served with anything of your choice.Cabbage Moin-Moin And Beetroot Smoothie Is A Must Eat This WeekendBut for this recipe, we are coupling it with Beetroot Smoothie, so here.
Beetroot Smoothie
Beetroot smoothie is usually made with raw beets, carrots, ginger, apple, leafy greens and many more veggie or fruit you may want to add in, and no added sugar. The healthy smoothie brings fiber, potassium, vitamin C, iron, calcium, vitamin B-6, chlorophyll, and enzymes into your diet in a delicious, convenient way!
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Simply wash all ingredients and throw into your blender with enough water and let them blend till smooth. There, you have your smoothie! I hope you enjoy this wonderful dish and give a comment on how it goes. See you next Friday, KOOKFoodies.BBNAIJA SEASON 6 IS HERE! HOW TO AUDITION
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