“Buhari’s Presence Will Disrupt Good Friday Activities” – Archbishop Of Lagos State Slams Buhari’s Easter Visit

Buhari’s Easter visit to Lagos state seem to be bringing more problems than festivities as the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, has warned that the planned two-day working visit of the President to Lagos state will disrupt the annual Good Friday activities of the Catholic church.
In a statement by the Director of Social Communications, Msgr. Gabriel Osu, Archbishop Martins described Buhari’s visit as ill timed as he wondered why the President decided to visit Lagos at a time when christians celebrate the death and ressurection of Jesus all over the world. See Archbishop Martin’s statement below:
In view of the large population and clustered road networks in the state, the closure of roads coupled with the ban of Okada on many routes, Christians who will be taking part in the Holy Thursday and Good Friday celebrations would be subjected to untold hardships. In addition, Christians who would also like to welcome their President have been put in a difficult situation of deciding whether to fulfill their religious obligations or go out to welcome the President. The timing does not take into consideration Christians in government and security services”.
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