Brutal! Creepy Lady Watches Boyfriend Die, After Stabbing Him

Brutal news of a lady who watched her boyfriend die after stabbing him has surfaced the internet. According to reports, the incidence happened in Benue state.

The story was shared by the sister of the dead boyfriend, and in her words, two suspects are associated with then death of her brother. She stated that Sandra Doo, the suspected killer and girlfriend of Lake Terkaa Israel, stabbed him during an argument that was at rage.

Winnie Wang, supposed sister of the deceased, also penned that Sandra watched Leke gradually become lifeless for 7-9 hours. These were her words:
“Please Facebook be careful with this devil in human form. She stabbed my brother to death, she stood nd watched him died in pain,he struggled for over 7 to 9 hours before dying nd this devil stood right there watching the guy she claimed she loves die in pain and slowly. Be careful of these girls u date nowadays kuz u dunno who is really a human amongst them.
My God of vengeance not gonna let this evil act go jst like dat. He must revenge for my brother. If humans were God(hmmmmmmm) Winnie wont wait a second before taking an action but as God isnt human we all gonna wait for His will to be done in this case. I dunno but I believe that my brother not gonna rest until justice is done.
He gonna fight for himself nd this devil not gonna hv peace untill she kills herself too…..I call for justice dear Lord, untill my brother’s death is avenged. I hv no powers of my own but I so much believe You on this nd I also believe u gonna do it for me. (Her name is Sandra doo on Facebook)…..Please bookers, share this untill it gets to the last person on Facebook.”

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