British Rapper Stormzy Grants Scholarship To Two British Black Students

British rapper Stormzy has announced that he will fund two black British students to go to the University of Cambridge. The Stormzy Scholarship will pay for tuition fees and provide a maintenance grant for up to four years of an undergraduate course.

The 25-year-old rapper said: “It’s so important for black students, especially, to be aware that it can 100% be an option to attend a university of this caliber.” The rapper will fund two students this year and two in 2019. “In school and college, I had the ability and was almost destined to go to one of the top universities.“But that didn’t happen for me… so hopefully there’s another young black student out there that can have that opportunity through my scholarship. It sounds corny coming from a rapper, but I did love learning and I loved studying so I enjoyed that side of things,” he says.

Stormzy also said that of all his achievements, “this one in particular” makes his mum proud. “My mum always had this plan of ‘You’re going to school and college, then you’re going to go Cambridge.“It didn’t happen for me, so I feel that for me to get to this place in my career and be able to do something where we can help young black students get into Cambridge is a testimony to her hard work as well’
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