British Billionaire Richard Branson Loses Mum To COVID-19

British billionaire and founder of Virgin Atlantic, Sir Richard Branson loses his mother Madam Eve Branson to the deadly Covid-19 virus at age 96. Richard Branson
The Virgin Atlantic boss took to Twitter to announce the passing of his mum, he wrote to say he took to Twitter to share about his mum’s passing and would rather celebrate her wonderful life and talk about the joy she brought to so many people rather than mourn her loss.
The billionaire who after sharing the heartfelt post on his Twitter handle, then went on to share a touching tribute about his mum on his company’s website, According to the Dailymail.

He wrote,

“I’m sorry to share that, sadly like a lot of people’s mums and dads right now in these days of Covid, my mum Eve has also passed away. Rather than mourn her loss, I wanted to celebrate her wonderful life & the joy she brought to so many.”

See Branson’s post below;

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