Bride Slammed For Wearing Trashy Wedding Dress Which Showed Her ‘Bottom Cleavage’

A new bride wedding dress has been branded ‘hideous’ online after it exposed her bottom in a rather revealing gown. A photo of the woman’s sleeveless dress was posted to Facebook, where it’s causing quite a stir.

The bride’s dress – which has racked up more than 650 comments – features a backless design which is cut extremely low. People have claimed her frock exposes her ‘bottom cleavage’, with others saying the dress belongs in a strip show. And this person admitted: “Great shape I’d love to have her shape but this is a wedding not a strip show.

“My daddy would refuse to walk me down the aisle half naked.” Her racy frock has been branded “hideous” in comments, with the caption asking: “Cut seems a little low?” Someone asked: “B*** crack is the new cleavage?” Another thought: “This looks like it would show my a*** crack.” A third person said: “At this point, just bedazzle your a*** and pretend it’s an accessory.” While someone else wrote: “There’s no way you can’t see her a** crack!”

But some people defended her dress, claiming if they had a figure like hers they would show it off. Someone commented: “If I was built like that I’d wear that dress and never take it off.” Agreeing, another person said: “Nothing wrong with a bride looking sexy as hell.” And this commenter added: “If I had a body like that, I’d show it off too.”

Photo Credit: Getty


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