Was She Forced? Bride Goes Gloomy And Sad As She’s Joined Her To Groom

Was She Forced? Bride Goes All Sad As They Joined Her To Groom
A video clip of a marriage ceremony surfaced on the Net today and we cannot help but wonder if the bride was forced down to the altar as there seems not to be an aisle there.
As seen in the video, the clergy blessed the couple and then asked the groom to kiss his bride. In the stead of being happy, however, the bride appeared to be sad, making faces, folding her arms and staying away from her husband.Was She Forced? Bride Goes All Sad As They Joined Her To GroomThe wedding which took place outdoors in front of a shop in the stead of a church auditorium had people present standing and cheering the newly wedded. But with all of the jubilation and the drama put up by the groom when he made to kiss her, the bride was not cheered. See the video below. What do you think was the problem?
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To marry is not by force o ????

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