Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Box Braids: 10 Sizzling Ways You Can Rock Your Braids

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Box braid is one of the styles that help protect the hair. Styling is determined by the shape of the face. You can decide which works for you the most

Box braids are trendy and fashionable, and they don’t damage natural hair as opposed to other hairstyles. The box braid can give your hair a needed break of up to a month or two. They are easy to make and also easy to style, based on what you want. Depending on the size, there are a lot of fun and trendy ways to style your hair with box braids.
1. High Ponytail: This style is very modest and cute. The ponytail can be placed high or low, depending on the shape of the head. This high ponytail is suitable for formal functions or just a casual look.
2. Twisted high bun: This style is similar to the high ponytail, with the only difference being the twisted ends of the hair. The hair is wrapped in a twisted bun and held down into the whole mass.3. Bob box braids: The bob box braid is a very short version. for braid lovers who don’t like extra length, this style is perfect. the ends of the braids are curved in to give that ‘bob’ look. It can then be adorned with gold or silver rings pinned around random weaves. 4. Twisted side ponytail: This style is definitely chic. The hair curls up and ends by the other side. You can take out a little portion of the hair at the front and twist it down to the base to achieve this look.
5. Wild-Blue coloured braids: This exceptional look can be achieved using the right colour of hair. This wild blue box braid is very outstanding. Little gold rings can also be attached to the weave.
6. Big box braids: Big box braids are very light and easy to hold. They also protect the hair from damage. For those who are not patient enough for the small ones, this style is definitely the best for you.7. Half Up-do style: The half updo style is perfect for both big and small box braid hair-do. This style is pretty casual and can be rocked to an event, a date, or a day at the beach.

8. Purple box braid: For lovers of purple, this style is everything. Purple speaks of royalty and class. This hair colour would definitely look stunning.
9. Double twisted buns: The double twisted high buns are also one style to try out with your box braid. This style is chic and reveals a young and vibrant look on the face of the wearer.

10. Mohawk with shaved sides: The Mohawk style is very bold. The shaved sides add to its edgy look. This look can be worn for months, with adequate care and maintenance.
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