All Predators Stay Off – Bolanle Ninalowo Issues Stern Warning As He Shares Photos With His Daughter

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo is celebrating his stunning daughter Aliyah on social media and has also issued a stern warning to predators while at it. The actor took to his Twitter page to share beautiful photos with his princess and went on to warn predators to stay off from reaching out to her.

He shared that his daughter is a 15-year-old but has the working mind f an adult of about 35 years in her. He went further to mention that he couldn’t wait for the world to celebrate and appreciate her.
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The actor a few days ago took to his Instagram page to disclose that he usually tells his daughter Aliyah that he is not her father but rather just her guardian and that God only is her father. The proud father of two in his post said to his daughter to always put God first and him next and that God is really her father while he is just her guardian.

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