Bodyshamed! Braless Teenager Ordered To Cover Her Nipples Because She Was ‘Distracting Boys’ With Her T-shirt

A braless schoolgirl says she felt “violated and bodyshamed” by teachers who pulled her out of class and told her to put plasters on her nipples. Lizzy Martinez, 17, was left sobbing after staff at Braden River High School in Brandeton, Florida, told her breasts were “distracting the boys.”The teen was singled out on Monday because she was not wearing a bra underneath a long-sleeve Calvin Klein t-shirt. Lizzy claims the dean of the school said she needed to cover up for the “sake of my own embarrassment.” Speaking to the media she said: “She told me that my breasts were a distraction to other students in my class. “I was completely appalled – I asked her ‘are you joking?’ She first gave me a shirt to put under the shift I was wearing. She said this would help ‘constrict my breast movement’. When I came back into her office with the two shirts on she asked me to ‘move around’. She took a look at my breasts and decided to put band aids on my nipples to ‘x out’ my nipples.”Lizzy added: “I felt violated and totally bodyshamed. When she gave me the bandaids to put on I was in the bathroom for at least ten minutes just crying. I felt so ashamed of my body.”

The school has since blocked Lizzy on Twitter after the defiant pupil tweeted” stop sexualising my body” at their account. After checking the school’s dress code, Lizzy’s family realised that she was not in violation of the guidelines. Lizzy said: “I was told that my third period teacher said I was being a ‘distraction’ – but I never noticed anything in class. No one said anything to me, no one looked at me funny. They said my classmates were laughing at me when I went to the restroom.”But Lizzy believes that the pupils who were sniggering should have been spoken to instead of her being singled out. She said: “I just felt like they were favouring the boys. Most of my classmates who have reached out to me agree that it should not have been deemed a ‘distraction’.” The 17-year-old’s mum Kari Knop has since pulled her out of school although Lizzy says she does plan on attending on Monday. The school has said that compulsory bras will be added to the dress code when it is next updated. Speaking with the Herald-Tribune, the School District Mitch Teitelbaum admitted the incident should have been handled better, but backed Brandeton High’s uniform policy.Photo Credit: Getty


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