Bling Bling Burial! Shot Millionaire Car Dealer Buried In Gold Casket, Jewellery, Moet Champagne And Timberland Boots

A supposed multi-millionaire real estate mogul was laid to rest in a gold casket, wearing $100,000 worth of jewellery and doused in Moet champagne.  Sheron Sukhedo, 33, was shot in a drive-by shooting outside his wife’s parents home in Trinidad and Tobago last week.On Friday, the young millionaire and used car dealer was laid to rest how he lived – showing off all his wealth. His casket was adorned with gold pendants while his body was covered in all his jewellery and a pair of Timberland boots.The father-of-two’s body was escorted from his funeral service to the crematorium in a $150,000 Bentley. His jewellery is believed to have been removed before he was cremated. Police are now investigating a possible family connection to Sukhedo’s death.Members of the Rasta City gang had been plotting his murder years ago, despite Sukhedo being protected by a rival gang, according to the Trindad and Tobago Guardian. An attempt on his life was made two years ago but he survived.Two days after Sukhedo was killed, his wife Rachel was taken to hospital due to a medical complication. The couple’s two children have been staying with her family as the investigation into Sukhedo’s death continues.Photo Credit: Getty


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