Blasphemy: Death Sentence Of Kano Singer Overturned By The Court

Kano Singer accused of blasphemy
A Magistrate court seated in Kano State has on Thursday overturned the death sentence imposed on the Kano-based singer Yahaya Sharif Aminu who was convicted for blasphemy by a Sharia Court in Kano State.  Blasphemy Kano State Singer Yahaya Sharif Aminu

The judgement which was delivered on Thursday, January 21 by the Kano state’s Chief Judge Justice Nuraddeen Sagir, who stated that the trial was full of irregularities as the appellant was not given legal representation.
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Kano Singer accused of blasphemy

Sagir also said that the judgement of the upper Sharia court contravened section 2-6-9 of the administration of the criminal justice act.

He ordered that the case be re-tried at the same court and that the appellant should be given a fair hearing and legal representation under another judge.

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