Pastor Adeboye’s Prophesy Made Me A Car Owner – Young Pastor

A young Nigerian pastor identified as Pastor Olumide Akinrinlola, who is the national president of the Council of Concerned Youths of Nigeria (COCYON), via his testimony revealed that he became a car owner through the prophecy of the general overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye. According to Akinrinlola, sometime during the 2012 Holy Ghost Congress, Pastor Adeboye asked his congregation to ask God for a Christmas gift and he did even as he was watching the programme online. 

“I can’t forget in a hurry what God used this man of God to do in my life. Some years ago, close to 6 years now or thereabout, precisely 2012 Holy Ghost Congress if I am not mistaken, this man of God asked everybody in the congregation, including those watching the programme online to ask for Christmas present as he said God told him that he should tell the people to ask for their Christmas gift.

“I remember while I was watching the programme in my living room, I received the faith and I joined millions of people to ask for one singular Xmas present which was a very good car from God right inside my parlour.

Before 25th of December that same year, a chairman of a local government in Ondo state sent me an errand. I carried out the errand and came to give him feed back in his house using a bike man. I almost fell down when the bike man came to drop me off.

“Why did you carry a bike and wanted to injure yourself,” the chairman queried me. I told him I have no car and he hardly believe my word. “All said and done, he promised to give out one of the car in the compound to me. I pointed at the 2006 Toyota Avalon as my choice when he offered me his Toyota Sequia jeep, an Avalon car he bought around N4.5M then was my choice.

He obliged to release the car but insisted I must drop something before I take it. “God knows I have no money anywhere. so, He used a customer to give me a cheque in January 4 as something for the car. So, on January 6, 2013, I became the owner of Toyota Avalon car 2006. All my salary per annum was not up to N1.5M. But for about one year, I was riding a car of about 4.5M Toyota Avalon through the prayer of Pastor E. A. Adeboye which I received online with my faith.”

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