Bisi Alimi Teaches Straight Guys How To Turn Down Advances From Gay Men

Bisi Alimi
Nigerian-UK based gay right activist Bisi Alimi is telling gay men how to react when they like a straight man and also how straight men should handle propositions from gay men.Bisi Alimi

The LGBTQ right activist took to his Twitter handle to educate both gay men and straight guys on how both can both express their feelings and not offend nor insult each others sexual preferences.

Bisi advised gay men to express their feelings to any man because they have a right too and unless he tells them that he is into ladies.

While for straight guys Bisi Alimi says they should be “honourable” in turning them down and just say “thank you but I’m only into girls”. He asked straight men to be gracious in their refusal to gay men just as Lesbian women have been to them too, Instead of getting all aggressive

Read Bisi’s post below.

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