Unless A Man Tells You He Is Straight, You Can Ask Him Out – Bisi Alimi Advises Gay Men

Bisi Alimi
Popular gay activist, Bisi Alimi has advised straight men how to react to romantic and sexual advances from gay men and vice versa.

Bisi AlimiWriting on his Instagram page, he wrote that until a man makes it known that he is straight, he is open game.

He explained that as for straight men when they were hit on, it was enough to say that they were not into men.

“Dear gay men, unless a man tells you he is straight, you have a right to express your feelings towards him.

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“Dear straight man, when a gay man says he has a feeling for you, be honourable and say “thank you but I am only into girls.” Just same way lesbians have been nice to you.”Photo Credit: Instagram

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