Bisi Alimi And Partner Acquire 2nd Home In London To Celebrate 4th Year Anniversary

To mark and celebrate their 4th year anniversary, Bisi Alimi an his partner acquired a new home in London.

Bisi AlimiThe excited gay rights activist took to his Instagram page where he shared pictures of the new home.

He also took the opportunity to appreciate all those who had been instrumental in his success story, while advising others to never give up on their dream.

“No better way to celebrate our 4th yr anniversary than acquiring our second home in London.

“I can’t believe I have moved from that homeless boy, who had the graciousness of his friends who offered him their sofas, to a house owner in London and not once, but twice!!

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“I especially want to thank @funmiiyanda, this boy won’t be standing here without you. @stefhirs your friendship is what every human being needs, and @instaforakin all I can say is thank you.

“Your dream is valid y’all. Your sweat and tears will fertilise the soil and bring forth fruits, just keep at it.” Photo Credit: Instagram

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