Jeff Bezos, Otedola And Other Billionaires Chase Clout on The Internet Too – Dencia

Cameroonian-born pop singer, Dencia has slammed experts on social media who reckon they know how the wealthy act and live their lives.

DenciaShe stated that the Internet was for everyone and notable names like Jeff Bezos and others use it in pushing their own brand of clout and controversy.

She also advised all and sundry to live their life to the fullest, rather than telling people how to live theirs.

Dencia wrote, “Africans on the internet be like
Oh this is how rich people live, breath, eat, speak etc, bruh, u’ve never been rich how do u know? Show us by example. U’ll see folks from brokeville schooling people instead of getting their lives together cs Issit not this same Internet Ur billionaires Otedola’s & Co dragging & clouting on it with as *isn’t it the same Internet Billgstes is dragging with us posing from the front of his $147M mansion u see #1 Isn’t it same internet & SM Jeff bezos is using 2 show is his amazing life, fulfillment center?

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“Are they poor or u the experts in rich people don’t see it.gteekt, My dear, u Africans should stop that lil hate in ur lil hearts, infact black folks especially, black people ” rich people” even show off less than none blacks for fear of people putting the eye on them.
U have never been rich, u have never lived the life, stop telling people how 2 live & go create ur own life, u have none cuz u are focused on others.There’s more 2 riches than what u see.

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