Billionaire Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Goes TV Shopping At Costco

He may be worth an estimated $77billion – but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was spotted shopping in the budget store Costco during the festive season.

Zuckerberg, 35, was pictured in the TV aisle of the store with his wife Priscilla Chan, 34, in Mountain View, in California, on December 10.

The onlooker who snapped the photo said: “I was so surprised to see them in there. They are known to shop there frequently because I asked an employee, but I was so shocked that they were there.

“Their cart was empty, they were right at the entrance of the store so they must have just arrived moments before we did. They had no problem with [people taking] pictures and were very friendly to people saying ‘hi’. They just seemed like normal individuals shopping around. Very humble. It was a pretty cool Christmas shopping experience.”

The couple reportedly shopped at Ross Dress for Less, a discount department store, during their shopping trip. Zuckerberg is known to wear a grey T shirt under a dark hoodie, and a pair of jeans.

Photo Credit: Getty

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