Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Big English, Fly Suits, Ghana Is Still Colonised – Yvonne Nelson

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Ghollywood actress Yvonne Nelson has whipped the Ghanaian government, not with a cane though, but her words as she condemns the economy of the country.
Taking to the streets of Twitter, she reeled out her concerns for the nation’s economy in a series of tweets, noting that the colonial masters are still the ones controlling the country, despite gaining independence. Lashing the acts peculiar to the government and its officials such as good dress sense and entourage, the mother of one noted that all of these things have not helped the country in any way.Big English, Fly Suits, Ghana Is Still Colonised - Yvonne Nelson Lashes Government In one of the posts, she wrote, “Charley, i wake up every morning wondering why we are where we are! With all our resources! We are still being COLONIZED! Its like we can never do it on our own! BIG ENGLISH, FLY SUITS, LONG CONVOYS havnt done anything for us! NEO COLONIZATION“, with heartbreak and sad face emojis.
In another tweet, she challenged voters to ask themselves if them voting will make any difference, as all the leaders voted for all these while have failed. Read also: Sex For Grades: University Of Ghana Suspends Prof. Ransford Gyampo And Dr Kwame Butakor
What VOTING POWER do we have when all our LEADERS keep disappointing us! What’s the point VOTING when non genuinely cares about the people of Ghana! So next time when you join that long queue to VOTE, ask yourself, is it gonna be any different from the last.” She further asked in another tweet, if a resolution is what the country needs, and then affirmed it herself.
Yvonne Nelson lashes Governement. Photos Credit: Twitter/Getty

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