Bidemi Zakariyau Entrepreneur, Fashion PR And Digital Marketing Professional Is Our WCW

Our KOKO WCW is Bidemi Zakariyau, an astute PR entrepreneur, Fashion and luxury marketing expert, Bidemi is a graduate of Law from The University of Sheffield, Bidemi interned at two law firms–Consolex Legal Practitioners and Udo-Udoma & Belo-Osagie.

Before going on to study Law at the University of Sheffield, she did a foundation course in business at Brooke House College, and this course included law, accounting and economics. In the end, she emerged as the best law student, so she naturally applied to for law at University. But the thing is that Bidemi didn’t end up practising what she studied in school which was because during her time interning she figured that Law wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life and started thinking about what she wanted her life purpose to be about.

It was at this point she knew she wasn’t interested in practising law and decided to pursue her interest in media. A few months later, she set up LSF|PR while at the Nigerian Law School.Bidemi Zakariyau

Bidemi ran her business on the side while completing her study at the Nigerian Law School. She worked with small businesses and startups and after her study, she focused on it full time.
And In barely just over 5 years, her brand grew tremendously, that her firm already such a huge client base like the global fashion brand Hugo Boss, Cointreau Africa, Laurent Perrier, Jack Daniels, Remy Martin and Ventures Platform. What she started as a fashion PR company, has, in less than six years, been able to build a diverse portfolio of clients within the corporate, consumer and lifestyle sector.

She’s also created a small business division, LSF|SME which is focused on startups and small businesses and LSF|Digital, which is the digital marketing division of LSF|PR. In April 2017, Bidemi launched The Luxe Digest, following her experience in PR, representing luxury brands. She discovered that there are no luxury media platforms to place clients’ content and decided to solve the problem.
She also recently launched LSF|CDP (Career Development Programme) “to help university students and graduates prepare for entry-level jobs.”

Bidemi Zakariyau is the perfect blend of melanin beauty, with the ballsy brains. Photo Credit: Getty

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