Beyonce Is One Of Africa’s Problems – Nigerian Model Spits Fire On Singer

A Nigerian model has taken to the streets of Twitter to label American singer Beyonce as one the problems of Africa, lamenting how she misrepresents the black nation in her music.
@Dimssoo took to the streets of Twitter to note that Beyonce always includes African culture in her music but never visits or includes Africa in her tours, whereas her music makes the whites think Africa is all about bushes, huts and other ideologies.Beyonce Is One Of Africa's Problems - Nigerian Model Spits Fire On Singer
Beyonce including African culture in her music but never adding Africa to her tours. Same Beyonce making a whole movie based off Africa and its culture that’s not available in Africa. I want to add that I’m not saying she has to come to Nigeria or what not. I’m saying she’s contributing to the problematic ideologies of how ‘Africa’ is viewed to line her own pockets. And Africa isn’t even a country. She’s mostly taking from Yoruba culture so if you’re gonna speak on something, come correct. Africa is not some prop, you can’t come and pull from our culture from when it’s convenient. That’s appropriation. And not everytime ‘we were kings’ pls some of us were palm wine tappers
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We don’t wake up in the morning and tie our wrapper and put chalk on our face and scream ‘WAKANDA’ then go and hunt lions. We wake up and open twitter like the rest of the world. Pls stop pushing this old narrative bc later it’s the same black Americans, in an attempt to insult us that’ll be asking if we have Wifi and whether we live in huts and how we can afford iPhones. And that’s the representation they see, anytime someone talks about Africa, it’s huts and lions so I don’t even blame them tchew And one more thing. Nobody is disputing that she has done a lot of good, but she’s a human being and she’s not above mistake therefore not above critique. She has so tapped into that African queen mother thing that you people think everything she does is right. Lmao this not true“, she wrote.
Beyonce Is One Of Africa's Problems - Nigerian Model Spits Fire On Singer
Dimssoo charges the singer’s critics to speak out without fear or eye service
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