Beyonce Did Her First On-camera Interview In Five Years…Sending The Beyhive Into Meltdown

American singer Beyonce has finally stripped back the mystery by giving us her first on-camera interview in around five years and, we are truly blessed.

The Sorry singer sat down for a chat backstage at the Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles which she attended last week with her husband Jay Z, their seven-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, and her mother Tina Knowles.

In the chat, to be shown in a special episode on Own TV, Beyonce reveals her excitement about playing Nala in the upcoming live-action reboot of Disney’s The Lion King and how proud she is that her children, Blue Ivy and twins Rumi and Sir, can enjoy the magic with their mum now in the iconic animation.

The 37-year-old said: ‘This is one of the only red carpets I get to do with my family. My daughter gets to dress up and my husband, this year it’s Lion King which, obviously I play Nala. So it’s the first time I’m doing any appearance as a person that stars in The Lion King, which is something that I grew up watching and I’m so excited for my kids to see but it means even more to share this experience and culture of The Lion King with my mother and my family.’

Beyonce and Blue Ivy rocked up to the Wearable Art Gala dressed in costumes fittingly inspired by The Lion King, and highlighted the importance of using the platform to showcase talents from the African-American community. The popstar explained: ‘My mother and Richard believe that art is a representation of our history. By now there’s a shift in these incredibly talented emerging black artists are getting their due. I love so many black American artists so I’m just super excited that these young black artists are getting their due. My mother just praised being black and made sure we are proud and very aware of our roots.’

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She continued: ‘We saw how beautiful and profound black women were. And how different we were, how you couldn’t put us in one box. And how it was all black and beautiful. My mother has always been an entrepreneur, and she’s taking that and teaching these young women that they can be entrepreneurs, exposing them to things that they would probably never see. My mother always believed that every person in this world has a purpose, and I think her gift is helping people realise their purpose a lot faster.’

Beyonce, who gave her last on-camera interview in 2014, went on to describe her father-in-law, Richard Lawson, as a ‘kind, honest and beautiful human’ who ‘dedicates his life’ to the wellbeing of children.

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