Ben Affleck Is No Longer Batman – And Fans Are NOT Happy 

American actor Ben Affleck has revealed he won’t be featuring in a new standalone movie called The Batman. In 2016, Affleck made his first appearance on screen as iconic comic book character, Bruce Wayne, who you may also know as Batman.Affleck, who has a number of major movies under his belt, such as Gone Girl and Pearl Harbour, took on the role of the American crime fighter from Gotham City after Christian Bale hung up his cape. Since his first appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the actor went on to play the DC character twice more, with parts in Suicide Squad and Justice League. However it now seems it’s Affleck’s turn to pass the torch, as the 46-year-old has revealed he won’t be starring in Warner Bros next Batman movie as the Dark Knight.A new film titled The Batman is set to hit cinemas in June, 25 2021 which will focus on a younger Bruce Wayne. He wrote: “Excited for #TheBatman in Summer 2021 and to see Matt Reeves vision come to life.” Reeves has directed several big films over the years including Cloverfield, Let Me In and the most recent Planet of the Apes movies. He is now set to write, direct and produce The Batman. Fans on social media were saddened to hear that Affleck is stepping down from the famous role. One person tweeted: “You will always be my Batman. Your performance saved my life. I’m gonna miss u.” Another said: “I love Ben. You are the Batman.” A third commented: “Please don’t leave us!!” A fourth added: “Genuinely upset about Ben Affleck.”Photo Credit: Getty


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