Before Your Criticise Lil Frosh, Ask Him Why – Upcoming Actor

Gift Camile and Lil Frosh
Upcoming actor and free thinker Lanre Adeyemo has given his unpopular opinion on the domestic violence allegation laid against DMW’s former act Lil Frosh.
Taking to his Instagram story, Lanre asked that people address the reason the rapper did what he did before they begin to judge or pass comments.
According to him, no man is  beast or likes to beat his woman but these days, women are doing a lot because they know the world is against men. “No man is a beast no man is a fool no man wants to beat his wife but then come to think of it the world is against men, once they see a domestic violence picture trending online, all you will hear is it does not matter what she did you are not meant to beat a woman imagine some sort of guys describing how they are having six with lil frosh gf and u r lil frosh”
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“Imagine some set of guys gisting on how they are having sex with ex minister wife and you are the man. I’m not supporting women beating or domestic violence but the issue that leads to it should be address just as the domestic violence is addressed emotional beating is way more than physical beating it can lead to suicide and so many other mental health but no one is ready to talk about that since it against men, how many men comes out to say they are sleeping with his wife 95% of men hide there pain till breakpoint but our society is against the men. Feel free to roast ur father I said what I said”, he wrote.
The victim Gift Camile

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