Beauty Tips: How To Have Fuller Lips Naturally

One trend that the ladies are jumping on nowadays is how to have fuller lips because it just has a very cute look that it gives.

how to have fuller lips naturally

Full, supple lips are the moment and everyone wants to have it. So here is how to have a fuller lips naturally;
Before you try any other hacks, exfoliate your lips first. Flaky lips reflect less light, which means a dry pucker could be making your lips look smaller than they actually are. So exfoliating is how to have fuller lips naturally.
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Always hydrate if you want to have fuller lips. Your lips literally shrivel up and disappear when you are dehydrated all the time, so in order to avoid this, always drink water.
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Over Line Your Lips
Over lining your lips helps create that illusion of having fuller lips. The trick is to put on concealer before your lip color to blur the line between your lips and your to have fuller lips

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