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Beauty Tips: How To Get Dimples Naturally

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A lot of ladies wonder how to get dimples naturally because they were not blessed with this natural chic indention.

A dimple, also called a gelasin is a small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, most notably in the cheek. Dimples are so cute that not only guys love ladies with dimples, but ladies also admire ladies with dimples. So here is how to get dimples naturally.
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Sucking your cheeks in is one of the amazing way on how to get dimples naturally. Pull in your cheeks to create hollow cheeks. Do this daily for ten minutes. This exercise has not had any proven results, so all we can say is, there’s no harm in trying to get dimples naturally.
Pressing Cheeks With Finger
Another face exercise to get dimples that is popular with those attempting to get dimples naturally is to press on your cheeks with your index fingers. Make sure you are pressing on the spot where the dimples would normally occur if you had them. Continue pressing on the spot with your finger for five minutes. Release and smile and again press on the spot. Repeat this exercise for twenty minutes a day. how to get dimples
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Create An Illusion With Make Up
You can also make use of makeup to create an illusion of a dimple. To do this, dab a bronzer or brown eye shadow onto the spot where you want your dimple to be. Smudge it with your fingers till it completely blends onto your skin, creating a shadow effect. Smile now to see if the illusion worked.eye makeup

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