Saturday, October 16, 2021

Beauty Guide: Transitioning Your Relaxed Hair To A Natural Hair

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First of all, it’s important to know that the best way of going natural with your hair from a relaxed hair is to chop-off your hair and start from the scratch but the big question is, how many people will want to rock a low-cut for a while! That’s why today, we will be putting you through easy and straight forward ways of transitioning from relaxed hair to a natural hair.When it comes to transitioning, make sure your favourite quote becomes “All things natural” that way you can have a clue as to what is accepted and rejected. Having this in mind, you can now follow some of the ways listed below as you click the start button.Keep Your Hair Hydrated: You want a fast, healthy and growing hair? Then hydration should be a watch word as no hair will ever turn out as expected if necessary fueling are not in place. Keeping your hair hydrated with oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc helps the transitioning process as you apply this oil on your hair and from your scalp then massage as this should be done as often as possible.Condition Your Hair Regularly: Shampoos may not be advisable to be applied on a regular basis but leave-in conditioners should be your best friend in this journey.Stay Away From Heat: Yeah, nothing beat a smooth sleek hairstyle as they say but not to sure because today, we can’t keep track of the total number of naturalistas we have and why? Because nothing really beats a kinky curly natural hair and this brings us to why you should totally run-away from anything heat while going natural with your hair. Items such as straightener, curling or tonguing machine, blow-dryer and so on should be used on your hair to avoid hair breakages and damages.Limit Your Washing: Every hair needs to be kept clean and that’s where washing pops in but as said earlier, regular washing with shampoo is not advisable likewise washing of any form. Yes, you are allowed to wash your hair probably once a month but on a regular basis is a no no!Photo Credit: Getty

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