Saturday, September 25, 2021

Beauty Guide: Reasons Why Going Natural Pays You More Than Extensions

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Natural hair has so far become one beauty run-to as many ladies sees this as an escape route but the fact still remains, without having your products in place, not every natural hair becomes an escape route.To build a health and inviting natural hair look, naturalistas have made us understand how important it is to have your products in place.They also went ahead to say: ‘Just as a farmer wouldn’t go to the farm without his tools, no lady can go natural without having her products in place’ and not only any product but good and quality natural hair products not something that seems like it.

Most people feel going natural is more expensive than adding extensions to your hair which to an extent may be true but today, we will be putting you reasons why going natural with the right products can be cheaper than extensions.
1. While good and quality natural hair products can be expensive, our research proves getting these products is cheaper than 4-5 bundles of human hair extensions.
2. Most ladies don’t like using same weave more than once due to personal preference but going natural will help control this habit because you will be left with no option but to keep growing your real hair especially when you know it’s natural.
3. Quality natural hair products help keep your hair in place for a longer period compared to treating and managing extensions.
4. With natural hair, you can create as many looks as possible but attaching a particular extension to your hair leaves with fewer options.
5. YES, you can always brush or comb your natural hair in different dimensions but NEVER try this with your extensions if you don’t want to regret getting them.
6. Beauticians wouldn’t tell you most of the damages but in as much as you can fix basically any issue you might encounter with your natural hair, extensions doesn’t guaranty such opportunity.
7. Also, it’s important to know natural hair is the new trend while extensions only complements so wondering why most people are going natural, join the trend to find out more of its benefits.
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