Beauty Guide: 5 Reasons For Having Frail And Dry Nails

Frail nails are the type of nails that are easily weak and broken. The nails are also paramount to every human which is caused by certain health condition.

Just like the skin, the hand also reveal a lot about our health, it can be another window to the health. The nails can lose moisture making them look weak, dry and frail, the hand can determine the age of a person likewise the nails. Imagine the texture and colouring of a kid and baby’s hand, looking very healthy. Therefore, as we age, the health of our nails can vary, but we can definitely improve the health of our nails at any point in life. Below are some reasons for having a frail and dry nail.
1. Applying hand lotion in the morning: Hand lotion is meant to be applied everytime the hand is been washed to avoid unhealthily nails. 
2. Leaving longer nail polish: All nail polishes contain drying ingredients that sap moisture from the nail plate and weaken it, and that drying effect doesn’t stop once the polish has hardened. It is advisable to take off nail polish after five and leave the nails for some time before applying another.
3. Cutting cuticles often: Cuticles are essentially protective grout between your nail and skin, shielding your nail from water, bacteria, and anything else you touch.
4. Lacking a certain B vitamin: If your diet lacks biotin-rich foods like eggs, salmon, beef and sweet potatoes, it might result in you having a weakling nail. B vitamin daily improves nail strength and reduces brittleness after six to nine months.
5. Using any nail polish remover: Polish remover isn’t a recommended health tonics for the nails. It weakens the cuticles and strips the natural oils in the nails along with the polish, leaving you with brittle nails. 
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