Saturday, September 25, 2021

Beauty DIY: Your Perfect Lipstick Shade Is The Same Colour That Matches Your Nipples!

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We are humans and we learn new things everyday. That’s what keeps life interesting.Today’s tit bit of knowledge comes from The Doctors, according to the TV show, the best way to find a lip colour that will complement your skin tone is by looking underneath your T-shirt. The theory is that your best lipstick shade is one that matches your nipple colour. Really? Yes, It’s true!Travis Lane Stork, M.D., said, “We have a great way to pick your best shade for your face. What you want to do [is] you want to match your nipple colour. Nature knows best.”In an attempt to explain the rather bizarre theory in more detail, host and physician Dr. Travis Stork proclaims ‘nature knows best’ when it comes to what will complement your skin tone, before going on to display the intimate skin-matching process firsthand.

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