Beauty DIY: 5 Ways To Make Your Own Home-Made Exfoliating Facial Scrubs

Your face is the first thing people look at when they are talking to you, and unconsciously, most of the time, if you have any dent on it, they’d probably lose focus on what you are saying to stare at your not so pleasant face. Exfoliating once every three days is as important as brushing your teeth twice daily. It helps kill all the dead cells on your face and leave it feeling as soft as a baby’s butt, literally! Although there are tons of exfoliating products out there due to its necessity, however, going natural most of the time is golden. Mother Nature knows you would probably be using one of her “babies” to your own good one day thats why she made them all, so why not go fulfill your purpose? Apart from being heavens goodness on your skin, naturals are also highly affordable, chances are you already have what you need in your cupboard. All you have got to do is dig them out and start mixing. Well, check out these highly affordable and effective home made exfoliating. Note that I would be giving them “creative names”, just for the fun of it, Imagine a “cocogar” instead of a coconut and sugar scrub, sounds fun right? well, here we go.Beauty DIY: 5 Ways To Make Your Own Home-Made Exfoliating Facial Scrubs 1 Cocogar (Coconut and Sugar scrub): Sometimes I bless Nature for the existence of coconut and sugar. Coconut for its oil, water, and edible substance, then imagine your tea without sugar. Now these two formidable items will be teaming up to create a wonderful face scrub? No surprise there! To make a Cocogar, you just need to get a coconut and some sugar
You need 1 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp sugar1
PROCESS: Combine all ingredients in a small bowl after which you use your finger tips to scoop the mix onto your face. Gently rub the scrub into your clean face. It is important that you avoid your eyes, you don’t want some coconut oil in your eyes, thats no fun. After applying, rinse your face with cool water, after which you pat dry with a clean face towel. If needed, you can add extra oil to moisturize your face. Do not forget to store in a fridge, as the Nigerian climate is a hot one. Note that the measurement can be increased depending on the quantity you desire.Beauty DIY: 5 Ways To Make Your Own Home-Made Exfoliating Facial Scrubs 2
Browney (Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub): This combination is great for combating black heads, especially after trying different ineffective methods. Scooping this great. mixture onto your face will not only deal with black heads, but also invite the heavily hallow on your face, trust me, those glow will make the angels jealous. Seeing brown sugar there, you might be worried about dehydration, but not to worry, Wonder Honey is there to do the magic, rehydrates you skin leaving it feeling supple and fresh.
1 tsp honey
1 tsp brown sugar
PROCESS: Just mix the two items together very well, scoop with your finger and apply in circular motions onto your face, especially targeting the areas with prominent blackheads.Beauty DIY: 5 Ways To Make Your Own Home-Made Exfoliating Facial Scrubs 3
Sult (Sugar and Salt Scrubs): Simple yet effective, Sult is a classic. Is there really anything good at removing the week’s sludge than sea salt, coarse and potent. Yes, it can be very strong, that is why it is advisable for you to use a moisturizer or oil after applying this, so as to balance your skin’s PH.
You would need:
¼ cup sugar (this is one of my only recipes I use white sugar for!)
¼ cup sea salt
¼ cup coconut oil
20 drops lavender oil and 20 drops peppermint oil or any essential oil of your choice, most importantly is that you moisturize.
PROCESS: First you mix, mix and mix, basically combining the sugar, salt and the drop of coconut oil in a bowl with a fork. Swoosh it in very well then add other essential oils to your taste, after which you swoosh some more. And Viola! Ticket to supple baby butt delicious looking face.Beauty DIY: 5 Ways To Make Your Own Home-Made Exfoliating Facial Scrubs 4Photo Credit: Getty





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