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Beauty DIY: 5 Secrets To Having That Pretty Feet

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A lot of people do not pay attention to the feet and that is not good at all. Having clean and pretty feet goes a long way in showing how neat you are as an individual. Our feet are also among the most overlooked parts of our body – ignored until they demand attention.pretty feetWhile they are constantly, and inevitably, exposed to harsh, varied environments, a few things for simple, everyday care at home can keep them looking healthy, fresh, and beautiful! So here are 5 secrets ways to have pretty and clean feet;
Looking good is indeed good business and that does not stop at having clean clothes. Having clean feet in terms of clean toenails and good-looking feet is also good business.
In the case of feet, the right cleansing goes a long way. it’s critical to keep all surfaces of the feet clean. Unclean feet will not absorb moisturizers and nutrients, will harbor microbes, and over time lead to cracked and aged-looking feet. Be thorough, and do not neglect toe webs and cuticles. Ensure to always use warm water and soap (or soapless gel) to clean your feet before you go to bed at night.feet in water KOKO TV NGScrub
Periodic exfoliation works wonders for the skin, and especially so on your feet, where dead skin is tougher to shed.
Use a regular body scrub, or a specialist foot scrub to exfoliate weekly. Pumice stone is also a popular option, and is great for the heels, but needs to be used with care on the upper part of the feet. Scrubs go a long way to having a pretty feet.
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scrubing feet KOKO TV NGMoisturize
Do not just moisturize your face and outer skin but also your feet. Nature has made our feet to be tough – but that also means that the skin on our feet (and heels) needs moisturization more intensely, and more frequently than the rest of our body.moisturize feet KOKO TV NGProtect
Prevention is better than cure. You can protect your feet from dryness and damage by avoiding long hours bare-feet. Ensure to use a pair of low-cost floaters indoors – this will reduce dirt pickup and resultant dryness and irritation. Also, avoid Ill-fitting shoes as they are the #1 cause of corns and blisters on the feet. Protect your feet the same way you will protect your face.socks KOKO TV NGPolish smart
Every nail polish isn’t nail polish. The wrong chemicals on toenails can cause discoloration, brittleness of nails, and a host of other problems. Make sure you buy a brand that you can trust. Besides, always have a base coat on, before you layer on the color. That will help protect your nails. Yes, nail polish makes pretty feet but it has its ups and down.
applying nail polish KOKO TV NGPhoto Credit: Getty
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