Beauty DIY: 5 Face Hygiene You Should Know

The saying, looking good is good business is not just about your outward appearance but your face plays a major in this scenario. Face hygiene is very important as this helps avoid some skin irritation and reactions.
face hygiene

The skin which is the largest organ in the body is very delicate and should be treated as such. There are several reasons for that acne and irritation on your face and most of the time if it’s isn’t a reaction to a beauty product it is definitely you not keeping your face hygiene. So here are 5 face hygiene that you should know;
Avoid Using The Same Towel For Your Body On Your Face
This is a common rule that a lot of people break because they are unaware of it. It is actually not hygienic to use the same towel you have used on other parts of your body on your face. Treat your face like the queen that it is and you will love the end product. Get a separate towel for your face and if you can’t do that when you have your bath, don’t clean your face, let it dry itself out.

face hygiene

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Do Not Touch Your Face
Our hands touch a lot of things and people every day. Even if you are alone, your hand would have touched a million things before even realise it. The germs on your hands can unknowingly be passed unto your face and this result to acne, breakouts and others which can be avoided if you practice face hygiene.
face hygiene
Wash, Exfoliate, And Moisturize
In this particular order, when it comes to facial hygiene ensure to wash, exfoliate and moisturize to achieve a healthy and smooth glow for your face.
face hygiene
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Wash Your Face Twice A Day
Washing your face is good but doing it too much can be a problem. Ensure to wash your face once in the morning and once at night as well as after a sweaty activity. This is key when it comes to maintaining face hygiene.
face hygiene
Change Your Pillowcase Often
This can’t be over-emphasized because your pillow is where your face lays to rest. A dirty pillowcase will definitely result in skin irritation and breakout that you don’t want. To avoid this ensure you practice this face hygiene.

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