Beauty DIY : 3 Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

Your skin is actually more of a giveaway of your lifestyle than you might like to admit, and your everyday actions might actually be bad habits that are damaging your skin.
We all know you want a clear, bright, shining skin, just as much as we do. we would like to discuss 3 habits that can damage your skin:
1 Sleeping with your make-up on: When we sleep our body goes into repair mode and a face full of make-up is not going to be doing any good. You’ll be left with clogged pores, bacterial infections and dry skin.

2 Squeezing those pimples: This is one of the hardest habit to resist, but squeezing pimples will actually push more dirt and bacterial into the pore which results more breaks out of pimples and a nasty scar.
3 talking on your phone: If you noticed rashes on your cheek or jawline, then you should take heed. You should get anti-bacterial wipes to give your phone a good wipe down or better yet use earphones wen making calls.

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